Sunday morning, Sunday evening & Wednesday night

Sunday AM Sermons

Christ to the Gentiles (Matthew 15:29-39)

The Happiness of the Heavenly Minded (Ps. 84)

Beware of False Doctrine (Matthew 16:15-12)

Following Jesus (Matt 16:24-27)

The Transfiguration (Matt 16:28-17:13)

The World is Coming After Jesus (Bryce Robinson)

Jesus on Temptation (Matthew 18:5-9)

Christ Pursues Straying Sheep (Matt 18:10-14)

Jesus on Forgiveness (Matt 18:21-35)

From Riches to Wrath (Matt 19:16-30)

The Goodness of God & the Jealousy of Man (Matt 20:1-16)

Lessons on Greatness (Matthew 20:20-28)

Who is This? (Matthew 21:1-11)

The Authority of Jesus (Matt 21:23-32)

Insulting God (Matthew 22:1-14)

Recognizing Ungoldy Leaders (Matt. 23:1-12)

Hope for the Hypocrite (Matt. 23:37-24:2)

Sunday PM Sermons

The Parable of the Net (Matt 13:47-52)

The Compassion of Christ (Matthew 14:13-21)

Peter Walks on Water (Matt. 14:22-33)

The Most Important Things (Matt. 16:13-20)

Divine Imperatives (Matt 16:21-25)

Living in the Power of Christ (Matt 17:14-21)

How to be Great (Matthew 18:1-4)

Church Discipline (Matthew 18:15-20)

Divorce & Remarriage (Matt 19:1-12)

Jesus Blesses the Children (Matthew 19:13-15)

Christ is Committed to the cross (Matt 20:17-19)

Jesus Heals the Blind (Matt 20:29-34)

Jesus Curses the fig Tree (Matt. 21:18-22)

The Parable of the Husbandmen (Matt 23:33-46)

Challenging Jesus (Matt. 22 15-46)

When Shall These Things Be? (Matt 24:3-20)

Wednesday PM Sermons

Spiritual Blindness (Matthew 16:1-4)

A Prayer for Revival (Psalm 85)

Sowing the Right Seed (Jeremiah Giddens)

Sharing the Gospel with the Addicted

The Least of These 

A Prayer of David (Psalm 86)

Zion (Psalm 87)

A Sad Psalm (Psalm 88)

Remembering the Covenant (Ps 89)

Moses' Psalm (Psalm 90)

Abiding in God (Psalm 91)

A Sabbath Psalm (Psalm 92)

Our King (Psalm 93)

The Judge of the Earth (Psalm 94)

Forsaking a Hardened Heart (Psalm 95)

From Worship to Missions (Psalm 96)

The King Returns (Psalm 97)