Local Missions

Serving Those In Our Community

God has planted Jefferson Street Baptist Church in the heart of Dublin Georgia for a purpose. That purpose is to reach our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just before Jesus ascended to the Father, He told the disciples to go into the world and proclaim His gospel. He told them to begin in Jeruslaem; Dublin is our Jerusalem. We take His command to be salt and light seriously. It is our desire to shine brightly for Christ in our hometown so that Christ will be exalted, and the lost will be saved. 

Downtown Bible Study

Every Thursday morning, Jefferson Street Baptist Church hosts a Bible study for its neighborhood. Pastor Kyle Giddens teaches through a book of the Bible verse by verse. After Bible study, all who participated enjoy a meal together provided by the people of Jefferson Street Baptist Church. Downtown Dublin is in desperate need of the gospel, and this is one way our church is reaching its community. 

Laurens Baptist Association

The Laurens Baptist Association is a cooperation of over fifty Southern Baptist Churches. We partner together with these churches to reach our area with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the LBA we support ministry centers, a dental clinic, and local and  international mission trips. Our partnership with these churches makes it easier to take the gospel to our community.  

Ladies on Mission

Our ladies do a tremendous job of ministering to the people in our community through Ladies on Mission. Whether they are ministering to the shut-ins or planning an outreach to our community, they do a great job of showing the love of Jesus Christ. Our Ladies on Mission have a heart for the lost, and the work they do reveals that heart.