Henry’s notes

Henry’s Notes…

When Pastor Jeff called me to interview at Jefferson Street Baptist, I immediately sensed that it was God’s will for me to become the worship leader for this congregation. The Holy Spirit led me to believe that revival was coming not only for Jefferson Street, but also for the entire community of Dublin, Georgia. I have been given the freedom to lead worship totally under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. I have felt God’s leadership so strongly in the past two months. All of this is amazing. In most cases the obstacle that hinders revival will not only be Satan; it will be the stronghold of religious pride and pleasing self in the church. John the Baptist said “Every mountain and hill shall be brought low” (Luke 3:5). As the people of God, we need to be like flowing rivers. Rivers flows naturally into valleys and plains. Before we will ever be truly prepared for the Lord Jesus, the mountain of our pride must come down. In preparation for Christ, God placed John the Baptist in the Jordan Valley. This valley is the lowest place on earth. All of those whom the Lord will empower will pass through a valley of lowliness. Our church has gone through difficulties in the past year, however; remember that John’s message also encouraged: “Let every valley and ravine be filled and lifted up” (Isaiah 4; Luke 3:5). If you have felt like a valley among the apparent mountains of God, know that as you lift up God in prayer, the intent of the Lord is that you be filled and lifted up before His return. God will give grace to the humble, and together they will bring new life to our Christian commitment; they will be an example of His love toward one another. Let us look for a tremendous moving of the Holy Spirit as He prepares His church for His coming again, There is work to be done. Let us lay aside our pride and unforgiveness and be faithful to the task before us to win Dublin, Laurens Country, Georgia, our nation and the world for Jesus Christ. This is revival…This is our mission!


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